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                Zhou Yuxian came to Bengbu to make research



                search in Bengbu: On January 8, Zhou Yuxian, chairman of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., came to the subsidiary of Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in Bengbu to make research on the business development, industrial layout and scientific & technological innovation.


                Zhou Yuxian and his delegation visited the New Display Material Industrial Park of Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd., the Phase II Production Line of K&D Technology Co., Ltd., the Copper Indium Gallium Selenium Thin Film Assembly Production Line, the 8.5 Generation TFT Liquid Crystal Glass Substrate Production Line, the 0.12mm Ultra-thin Electronic Glass Production Line, the High Alumina Glass Production Line and the State Key Laboratory of New Float Glass Technology, and acquired detailed knowledge of the new glass technology research and development, product process, technical parameters and other conditions.


                Zhou Yuxian and the leading group of Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd., specially-invited experts and key laboratory scientific research backbones held a discussion, listened to the reports on the enterprise development history, scientific and technological innovation achievements, industrialization achievements, current situation and existing problems, next work direction and development goal, and highly appraised the achievements of Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in recent years.